Presenting my first full-day Nvivo workshop

When I started out with Nvivo three years ago, little did I realise that it would set me on the path of teaching other people too. The success of my M.Ed data analysis led my previously sceptical supervisor to ask if I would teach it to other History Education post-graduate students. Of course I was delighted! I love technology, I love teaching, and I love teaching about Holocaust education. To be able to combine them into one package was a great opportunity.

Although I’ve previously given short introductory lectures on using Nvivo, this will be my first venture into a full-day workshop. I have to say – it’s rather daunting. Will I have enough material to keep everyone occupied for a full day? How successful will switching between my PowerPoint presentation and Nvivo be? And do I really know enough of the answers to the questions they might ask? I keep reassuring myself that I’ve been working with it longer than they have, but these self-platitudes are cold comfort at this stage. All I can really hope for is that everyone goes away feeling enriched in some way and empowered to work with the software for their own data analysis.

I’ve prepared handouts, a course outline, my PowerPoint presentation and sent out the sample data. It’s a bit like making a cake – I’ve put in all the ingredients and now only time will tell if everything comes together successfully!

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2 Responses to Presenting my first full-day Nvivo workshop

  1. Kath McNiff says:

    Judging by your tweets this workshop went well šŸ™‚ What sort of questions did people ask?

  2. brendagouws says:

    Hi Kathleen. I sent you an email but am not sure if you received it. The questions were mainly based on people’s hands-on difficulties, in many cases just learning how to navigate their own computers. There was, however, lots of interest in the auto-coding function, especially from one person who was doing a survey (although she didn’t recognise it as such!). We also spent some time coding pdfs, as there were a couple of people doing textbook research and I showed them the different ways to deal with text-based vs. image-based pdfs. Fortunately I had lots of good feedback, with quite a few requests for a further workshop in which people could work on their own data.

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